Demon Forged

Demon Forged

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Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425230411
  • 432 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Four centuries ago, two young guardians would have surrendered to t he desire burning between them—if a demon hadn’t shattered any possibility of their love. Now, a desperate plea for help thrusts them together, even as shocking betrayals threaten their reunion.
Demon Forged

Demon Forged

Written by: Meljean Brook


Dear Reader,

One of my favorite romantic themes is when friends become lovers—when both the hero and the heroine slowly realize exactly how perfect they are for each other. And so as I was writing Demon Forged, the next novel in the “Guardian” series, I couldn’t resist the theme. My hero and heroine, Alejandro and Irena, have been friends for over four hundred years. It’s true that they don’t see each other very often, and that when their paths cross, they begin to argue almost before any greetings pass their lips—but as they tell every Guardian who asks, they are just friends.

Of course, they aren’t fooling anyone.

The truth is, Alejandro and Irena were almost lovers once, until—to save Alejandro’s life—Irena was forced to make a terrible bargain with a demon. Alejandro has never forgiven himself, Irena has her own shame to bear, and so they let each other go. But the pain of their mutual loss wounded them deeply, and now they cannot prevent themselves from lashing out at each other—all the while pretending that they don’t hurt anymore.

But after a vampire’s call for help throws them back together, Irena and Alejandro can’t pretend anymore. They must put aside their painful history, and take those steps toward true friendship, passion, and the deep and powerful love that will help them overcome the tragedy and betrayal that threatens to destroy the foundations of the Guardian universe.

I hope that you will take those steps with them. Irena and Alejandro let each other go, but their romance will grab you by the throat and won’t release you until the last page—when they are truly friends, when they are lovers, and every painful step back into each other’s arms is worth the effort.

Happy reading,

Meljean Brook