Demon Marked

Demon Marked

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Mass Market Paperback
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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780425242698
  • 336 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Nicholas St. Croix knows the evil of demons intimately-he was raised by one. Now the woman he loves has disappeared, and he knows his "mother" is responsible. But Nicholas swears he’ll find her, even if he has to go to Hell and back.
Demon Marked

Demon Marked

Written by: Meljean Brook


Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

The seventh book in an eight-book paranormal romance series has a lot of work to do. It must show everything that came before without overloading new or returning readers with information; it must move the series forward; it must set up the final novel. It must do all of that—but above all else, it must also give you a fabulous, standalone story of two people fighting against evil…and falling in love. Demon Marked gives you all of that.

If you’ve never picked up a Guardian book before and have no idea what the world is like, you’re not alone—our heroine has no clue, either. Three years ago, Ash woke up in a psychiatric hospital with no memory of who she was…but Ash knows that she’s not like everyone else. Her eyes glow when she’s angry. She’s strong and fast—and can sense other people’s emotions.

There’s one man whose emotions she can’t read, however: Nicholas St. Croix, who may hold all of the answers she seeks—and who is the prime suspect in the murder of a woman who looked exactly like Ash.

Obsessed in a quest for vengeance against the demon who destroyed his family, Nicholas doesn’t trust Ash when she turns to him for help, yet he’s willing to use her if it means he’ll have his revenge. But when both the angelic Guardians and Lucifer’s demons begin to hunt Ash, hoping to sacrifice her for their own purposes, Nicholas must fight to protect her…even if protecting her means giving her up.

Dear readers, I hope that you’ll slip into the dark, romantic world of demons and Guardians, and join me on this emotional adventure as Ash and Nicholas search for answers. And for those of you who’ve been waiting to find out the fate of the Guardian’s leader, Michael, Demon Marked holds the answers you seek, as well.

Happy reading!

Meljean Brook