Dial M for Murdoch

Dial M for Murdoch

News Corporation and the Corruption of Britain

  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781101601372
  • 384 Pages
  • Blue Rider Press
  • Adult


Dial M for Murdoch is a compelling tale of Murdoch empire’s scandals….[A] gripping and indispensible first account of the phone-hacking scandal that shut down the world’s biggest selling tabloid, News of the World, and the allegations of computer hacking, police bribery, and corporate cover-up that continue to hound News Corp…..[R]eads something like a cross between The Insider and All the President’s Men…[A] virtual revolution for a whole political and media class who had formerly lived in fear.”
- Peter Jukes, The Daily Beast
"An engrossing and useful read."
- British GQ
"Dial M for Murdoch is a must read for anyone interested in Rupert Murdoch… lively, fast-paced, a tight narrative."
- The Guardian

“This book will tell those already obsessed with the saga a few new things, but for the casual reader it’s a rip-roaring tour through recent British political and journalistic history, and how Rupert Murdoch has frequently sought to influence it.”
- Huffington Post
 “A timely, informative, infuriating insider account of the News International phone-hacking scandal… Very powerfully written… Here, at last, is the scorecard you’ve been looking for.” –BoingBoing.com
“True to its nod to the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, the book is a suspenseful tale of the ongoing phone hacking scandal in Britain from one of its key players…. Dial M For Murdoch has the urgency of a police blotter and is useful, both for those tracking the story daily or for readers interested in learning more.” –Reuters
“Provides a sense of how intrusive and unnerving Elveden’s in-house investigation must now be.” –Steve Coll, NewYorker.com
“Required reading for news junkies and those interested in understanding Murdoch’s seemingly ironclad grip on the news.” –Kirkus Reviews
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