Do Life

Do Life

The Creator of “My 120-Pound Journey” Shows How to Run Better, Go Farther, and Find Happiness

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At the age of twenty-two, Ben Davis weighed over 360 pounds. Depressed, addicted to food, and morbidly obese, he thought he’d lost all hope. But after a conversation with his grandmother, Ben promised himself that he would finally take control of his life.
Ben decided to “do life,” and so can you.
He started running. At first, he couldn’t run a mile, but before long he was running five, ten, and then twenty miles at a time. His father and brother joined him, and as a team they ran a marathon and went on to complete one of the hardest physical competitions in the world, the Ironman.
Throughout his journey, Ben captured his transformation in a series of YouTube videos, inspiring countless others around the world to “do life” along with him. Here, Ben shares more of his personal story and illustrates how you can use his techniques to start living your own life to the fullest.
Do Life isn’t just about diet or exercise, depression or addiction—it’s about stepping out of your ordinary life and becoming who you want to be. It’s the story of one man who decided to live life his way. And it could be your story too.


“He’s a living testimonial to the power of personal transformation and, yes, something of a sensation.”—Runner’s World
“He needed to be inspired to change his life, and yet now he will be a huge inspiration in mine. Ordinary people doing miraculous things—this is what Ben is about. It would be easier to give in, but Ben fought back. And Ben won. If I am ever fortunate enough to run the Boston Marathon again, I will be thinking of Ben Davis as I line up to start. I will think of his journey and it will give me strength to run through mine.” —Kara Goucher, Olympic marathoner
“Ben’s story and wisdom captured me from the start. An everyman kind of guy, Ben winningly convinces his loyal fans that they can get healthy, happy, and live the lives of their dreams.”—Caitlin Boyle, author and founder of Operation Beautiful
“A lot of people lose weight, but that’s not the story with Ben. Ben’s story is about recognizing that you’re not happy with your life and taking a hard left to fix it. Too many people let their lives cruise forward on autopilot—that’s not living. Ben is an active participant in his life now, and at such a young age, he’ll be able to convince a lot of people to join him for a long time to come!” —Brandi Koskie, director of publishing, Diets in
“Ben has a true gift in how he relates to people and how he shares his inspiring message in a very personal and entertaining way. It was clear there are many who will be taking his message with them as they start or continue their road to a better life.”
—Jake McKelvy, director of Lake Forest Fitness Center, Lake Forest, Illinois
“Ben’s story is remarkable and inspiring. He personifies so much of what Runner’s World stands for.”—David Willey, editor in chief, Runner’s World
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