Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

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  • ISBN 9781101601884
  • 352 Pages
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The Wheel. A ring of ice and metal turning around a moon of Saturn, home to a mining colony supplying a resource-hungry Earth—a colony plagued by problems. Equipment failures and thefts are on the rise. Children tell stories of mysterious creatures glimpsed aboard the Wheel. And some of the younger workers refuse to go down into the warren-like mines.
And then one of them, surfing Saturn’s rings, saves an enigmatic blue box from destruction.
Once on the Wheel, the Doctor and his companions, Jamie and Zoe, face a critical situation when they become suspected by some as the source of the ongoing sabotage. They soon find themselves caught in a mystery that reaches back to the creation of the solar system. A mystery that could destroy the Wheel—and kill them all…
Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

Written by: Stephen Baxter


“A master of the genre tackles the Time Lord with great results.”—Sci-Fi Bulletin

“Baxter nails one of the basic elements of any book like this one, capturing the voices of his three main characters with such precision that Troughton is almost audible in the Doctor’s lines.”—The A.V. Club

“Baxter has created almost the perfect Doctor Who novel: it stays true to the era in which it is set; it’s understandable for an intelligent child but not dumbed down for adults; it feels like something we could have seen on TV, even though the production designer would have had a heart attack and—most importantly—it never feels clichéd or corny…It works as good Doctor Whoand as a solid science-fiction tale. Highly recommended.”— TimeVault
“Baxter creates a near pitch-perfect evocation of Team TARDIS…[He] takes full advantage of the limitless scale and budget afforded by the reader’s imagination.”—Blogtor Who

“A return to epic adventure.”—SFcrowsnest