Drive Like the Pros

Drive Like the Pros

Increase Your Clubhead Speed and Distance Using Revolutionary 3-D Technology by TaylorMade

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101609729
  • 176 Pages
  • Avery
  • Adult


The leading expert in 3-D gold instruction shows readers how to improve their golf game like the pros—with the unrivaled TaylorMade® MAT-T system.


Recreational golfers and touring professionals are turning to video swing analysis to improve their game, and the most state-of-the-art video system today is TaylorMade®’s MAT-T (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade®) system.

Combining multiple high-speed cameras and specifically designed software to produce a three-dimensional, computer-animated image of a golfer’s swing, the MAT-T system gives players of all handicaps the ability to compare their golf swings to the composite swing avatars of PGA players such as Dustin Johnson or Sergio Garcia, to see how the game’s longest hitters align themselves and position their bodies throughout their golf swings.

Michael Neff, founder of the first TaylorMade® Performance Lab, has vast experience helping players like Dave Stockton, Natalie Gulbis, and Charles Wi use the MAT-T system to improve their swings. In Drive Like the Pros, he shows how golfers at all levels can adjust everything from the position of their shoulders to the club’s angle of descent and spin as they:

• Increase clubhead speed, ball speed, and smash factor.

• Consistently contact the “sweet spot” on the clubface.

• Improve accuracy and have better control over misses.

Providing an unprecedented level of customized feedback and advice—and sharing exclusive championship player swing data previously available to only a handful of insiders—Drive Like the Pros is an essential addition to every golfer’s library.

Drive Like the Pros

Drive Like the Pros

Michael Neff

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