Teen Phenoms, Mad Parents, Swing Science and the Future of Golf

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An inside look at the creation of the new breed of superstar golfers

Golf keeps looking for the next phenom who will take over the game the way Tiger Woods did in the mid-nineties. But in all likelihood this young golfer will not be discovered but created in a gated three-hundred-acre complex in Florida called the David Leadbetter Golf Academy. Here exists a fierce training ground, where ultra-high-tech cameras provide cutting-edge swing analysis and young players spend almost every waking hour on the driving range.

In Driven, award-winning journalist Kevin Cook shows how the game has evolved from a sport of paunchy men to one populated with muscular youngsters blasting tape-measure drives. A vivid snapshot of a rapidly changing game, Driven is a riveting look at the making of golf ‘s next generation.


“Stalag Leadbetter sounds like the golf-learning inferno these kids all need-to get away from their imperious parents. Driven is not a bedtime story, but it’s a must read!”
-Gary McCord, PGA Tour pro, bestselling author, and CBS golf commentator

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