Duck Ellington Swings Through the Zoo

Duck Ellington Swings Through the Zoo

Baby Loves Jazz

Illustrator: Andrew Cunningham

  • ISBN 9780843120837
  • 18 Pages
  • Price Stern Sloan
  • 3 – 5


Boogie along with Duck Ellington as he plays the piano:

The black and white keys, he played them with ease,

And the rest of the animals asked for “more please .

~Andy Blackman Hurwitz is a 17- year music veteran with a specialty in jazz. In addition to his own record label, r o p e a d o p e , Andy was the head of A&R for Columbia Jazz, the general manager of New York’s fabled jazz club the Knitting Factory, and the marketing consultant for Blue Note records.

Andrew Cunningham graduated “top portfolio from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. With a focus on illustrations and painting his artwork has been featured in East Coast galleries from Boston to New York. Baby Loves Jazz is his first book series.


Baby Loves Jazz
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Andy Blackman Hurwitz
Illustrator: Andrew Cunningham
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