Early Socratic Dialogues

Early Socratic Dialogues

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  • ISBN 9780140455038
  • 400 Pages
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Rich in drama and humor, this volume of seven dialogues includes the controversial Ion, a debate on poetic inspiration; Laches, in which Socrates seeks to define bravery; and Euthydemus, which considers the relationship between philosophy and politics. Together, these dialogues provide a definitive portrait of the real Socrates and raise issues still keenly debated by philosophers, forming an incisive overview of Plato’s philosophy.

As the father of Western philosophy, who transformed Greek thought with his questioning insights into life and ethics, Socrates was a powerful inspiration—and major irritant—to the Athenians of his day. After his trial and execution on charges of heresy and the corruption of young minds, his greatest pupil, Plato, wrote these early dialogues as an act of homage.

  • Revised edition
  • Features a new preface, updated sugestions for further reading, and a chronology
  • Dialogues in this volume: Ion, Laches, Lysis, Chardmides, Hippias Major, Hippias Minor, and Euthydemus
Early Socratic Dialogues

Early Socratic Dialogues

Plato, Translator: Trevor J. Saunders, Editor: Trevor J. Saunders, Introduction by: Trevor J. Saunders, Editor: Chris Emlyn-Jones

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