Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 2

Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 2

The Defining Years, 1933-1938

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Historians, politicians, feminists, critics, and reviewers everywhere have praised Blanche Wiesen Cook’s monumental biography as the definitive portrait of this towering female figure of the twentieth century. The concluding volume, Eleanor Roosevelt: Volume Three, 1938-1962, will be published in November. Here, in the majestic second volume, Cook takes readers through the tumultuous era of the Great Depression, the New Deal, and the gathering storms of World War II, the years of the Roosevelts’ greatest challenges and finest achievements. In her remarkably engaging narrative, Cook gives us the complete Eleanor Roosevelt— an adventurous, romantic woman, a devoted wife and mother, and a visionary policymaker and social activist who often took unpopular stands, counter to her husband’s policies, especially on issues such as racial justice and women’s rights. A biography of scholarship and daring, it is a book for all readers of American history.

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Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 2

Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 2

Written by: Blanche Wiesen Cook


“Engrossing.” (Boston Sunday Globe)

“Irresistibly readable…Cook’s portrait of a woman in the thick of things during the hardest of times will stand as definitive.” (Washington Post)

Table of Contents

Eleanor Roosevelt Volume 2 Preface and Acknowledgments
1. Becoming First Lady
2. Public and Private Domains
3. ER’s Revenge: Henrietta Nesbit, Head Housekeeper
4. Mobilizing the Women’s Network: Friendships, Press Conferences, Patronage
5. ER’s New Deal for Women
6. Family Discord and the London Economic Conference
7. Private Times and Reports from Germany
8. Creating a New Community
9. The Quest for Racial Justice
10. The Crusade to End Lynching
11. Private Friendship, Public Time
12. Negotiating the Political Rapids
13. 1935: Promises and Compromises
14. The Victories of Summer, 1935
15: Mobilizing for New Action
16: A Silence Beyond Repair
17: Red Scare and Campaign Strategies, 1936
18: The Roosevelt Hearth, After Howe
19: The Election of 1936
20: Postelection Missions
21: Second Chance for the New Deal
22: 1937: To Build a New Movement
23: A First Lady’s Survival: Work and Run
24: This Is My Story
25: This Troubled World, 1938
26: Race Radicals, Youth and Hope
27: Storms on Every Front
Notes on Sources and Selected Bibliography