Emil and the Detectives

Emil and the Detectives

Illustrator: Walter Trier
Introduction by: Maurice Sendak
Translator: J.D. Stahl

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781590205549
  • 220 Pages
  • Overlook Juvenile
  • Adult


Originally published in 1929, Erich Kästner’s engaging tale has delighted readers young and old for generations. It’s Emil’s first train ride alone and he’s excited—and a little nervous. On the train, his fellow passengers are impressed with how polite and grown-up Emil is, and the man in the bowler hat offers him some chocolate—but Emil keeps checking his coat pocket, where he’s pinned the money that he is taking to his grandmother. Soon, though, Emil finds himself getting sleepy . . . and the next thing he knows, the man in the bowler hat is gone— and so is the money! With the help of some new friends Emil becomes a detective and tracks the thief through the city.
Filled with enduring themes of leadership, courage, and teamwork, and the delightful illustrations of Walter Trier, Emil and the Detectives is a rollicking, heartwarming tale come alive.


“This effervescent little story is all about boy power…Enjoyable? You betcha.”—The Denver Post
“There is something sweet and pure about Kästner’s writing.”—Los Angeles Times
“Kästner makes the concerns of the book child-sized but enormous…The main pleasure is in the way in which it plays to the fantasy of omnipotence in a child.”—The Guardian