Enemy Mine

Enemy Mine

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781101568361
  • 90 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

This time last year, I’d turned in my last contracted book, completed all of the edits, and sat waiting for release day. My husband left his job. We packed away everything we owned so we could move a tiny subset of our belongings to our sailboat and take off on a five month sailing trip up the Inside Passage through Canada into Alaska.

So naturally, I decided I wanted to try writing something I’d never written before. A friend dared me to attempt an erotica. Despite the slight BDSM tone, I failed. I owe my friend a round at the bar. For my definition of erotica, story characters change and grow via the sexual journey they undertake together.

As it turns out, you can take the writer out of science fiction, but you can’t take the science fiction out of the writer. I couldn’t let go of mortal danger, lives to be saved, and a solid fight scene, so “Enemy Mine” isn’tquite erotica. Still, in the end, I had a story that is steamier than anything I’ve done so far.

In “Enemy Mine”, Commander Cashel Khaleize serves as Captain Xiao Zhong’s second-in-command. She is also his undercover bodyguard, tasked with keeping him alive at all costs. She admires and respects him. It’s the debilitating attraction to him she hadn’t expected. In the midst of executing her duty, Cashel teleports into the middle of her captain’s shore leave, only to find her cover blown, and Xiao Zhong determined to find out who inserted her into his crew.

Captain Xiao Zhong knows two things about his second-in-command: she’s a beautiful woman afraid to feel, and he wants her. The problem is that she’s transmitting and receiving unauthorized, encoded messages from his ship. That makes her a spy, albeit one who’s won his trust and admiration to this point. What and to whom is she reporting? And why? He won’t countenance traditional interrogation methods. Which opens the door to unconventional sexual tactics that might finally satisfy them both.

For Cashel, being caught in Xiao Zhong’s trap forces her to wonder what keeping the man she loves alive at all costs is going to cost her?

I hope you have as much fun with “Enemy Mine” as I had writing it.


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