Epic Win for Anonymous

Epic Win for Anonymous

How 4chan’s Army Conquered the Web

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781590207383
  • 304 Pages
  • Overlook Books
  • Adult


Epic Win for Anonymous is the first book to tell the story of the genesis of the rogue protest groups—including Anonymous, LulzSec, and AntiSec– currently changing our world. Longtime Web culture critic Cole Stryker traces their growing importance to mainstream news, community activism, and new creative media. Starting with the "anti-Facebook," the web community at 4chan.org, the book follows the evolution of Internet culture from humorous memes to political game-changers. Whether chronicling how Sarah Palin’s personal email account was hacked or dissecting the threat of cyber-bullying, Stryker’s engrossing and approachable book proves the transformative cultural impact of the Internet and the communities it sustains.


"Other than a portrait of the headline- grabbing hacktivist group (who are planning to take down Facebook this November), Stryker also gives a frank assessment of 4chan founder Chris ‘Moot’ Poole who’s now preoccupied with his new meme factory Canvas." — New York Tech Blog

"A primer on why the Internet works the way it does today, thanks in large part to 4chan. That includes, but isn’t limited to, the emergence of Anonymous." — Salon.com

"Sharp, witty, and well-researched" — The Rumpus

"One of the few accounts–along with Julian Dibbell’s work–of 4chan by someone who gets it. … It’s pretty good for amateur cultural history, and it illustrates the centrality of the lulz to the internet. So if you find yourself confused by the activities of 4chan, or, if you’re frustrated by the mainstream media’s utter failure to comprehend Anonymous, then Stryker’s book provides a good primer. And, like 4chan itself, the book is a good reminder of how culture on the internet actually works, as opposed to the way various marketers and social media moguls keep telling us it does." — MetaViews.ca

"Author Cole Stryker has risked online life and limb to explore /b/ and plumb the depths of 4Chan in his new book Epic Win For Anonymous: How 4Chan’s Army Conquered the Web. Though the book focuses on the history of Internet culture and the rise of online memes much more than the recent ascension of politically active hacker groups, Stryker succeeds in providing a coherent, comprehensible introduction to Internet creativity" — ArtInfo.com

"A recommended pick for computer and social issues holdings alike." — Midwest Book Review