Every Day, Every Hour

Every Day, Every Hour

A Novel

Translator: Liesl Schillinger

  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781101583579
  • 272 Pages
  • Viking Books
  • Adult


“A romantically enchanting love story.” – Cosmopolitan (Germany)

“… captures the frustrated passions of a budding artist and actress on the Adriatic coast, rekindled sixteen years later—where else?—on the streets of Paris.” – Vogue

“Natasa Dragnic’s tumbling prose has a delightful immediacy and freshness.” – The Daily Mail (UK)

“A lush, flowing, elegant novel, Every Day, Every Hour shows a world where love is stronger than will.” – Simon Van Booy, author of The Secret Lives of People In Love
“A story to savor like a glass of fine wine in summer.” – Elle Italia
“[An] irresistible love story.” – Esta (The Netherlands)
“…appealingly romantic, unfolding from the alternating viewpoints of two protagonists, who generate palpable sparks.” – Library Journal
“[A] passionate, decades-spanning tale of star-crossed lovers” – Vanity Fair

“But soon you will be convinced. Arrested. Intoxicated. Natasa Dragnic’s debut, Every Day, Every Hour, is a beautiful, intense little book.” – BookPage

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