Everyone Sleeps

Everyone Sleeps

Illustrator: Marcellus Hall

Enhanced ePub
Additional Formats
  • Enhanced ePub
  • ISBN 9781101627976
  • 32 Pages
  • Nancy Paulsen Books
  • 3 – 5


In this good-night book that explains how a variety of animals go to sleep, the sun has set and the whole family has gone to bed, except for their dog, Conrad. Curious to find out if anyone else is awake, he wanders far and wide—through fields and forests, across lakes and oceans—only to find all creatures fast asleep. Conrad is wide-awake, although counting a herd of snoring sheep does make him drowsy! Is everyone asleep?

Marcellus Hall’s lush nighttime scenes glow with warmth in this playful bedtime story, which features a variety of land and sea creatures, and is narrated by a funny little goggle-eyed pug who will steal readers’ hearts.


“A dreamlike narrative. . . . Magical, ethereal tone. . . . Intriguing illustrations in ink, watercolor and gouache capture the mysterious tone of the world at night, with a wide variety of perspectives. . . . An inventive . . . look at the nighttime world of nature.”
– Kirkus Reviews
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