Falling Light

Falling Light

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  • ISBN 9780698137363
  • 304 Pages
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Centuries ago, two lovers were torn apart by forces beyond their control. Now they have been reunited by destiny and are willing to sacrifice everything again—and again—to save a world on the brink of extinction. The Game of Shadows continues…
Troubled by dreams of strange creatures and unfamiliar voices echoing in her head, Mary has always felt disconnected from this world—until she met the enigmatic stranger Michael. He knew about Mary’s past. He was in it. Searching for her. His soul mate. And it’s taken centuries to find her, to re-engage her in an ancient, celestial cause: find the Deceiver before he destroys the world.
Haunted by scores of deaths—their own—Mary and Michael have drawn on the wisdom of the ages, and the power it has given them, to fight the most malevolent force known to man. Joining a select band of warriors, Mary and Michael are nearer to understanding the Deceiver and all he stands for. It’s a terrifying reality that also brings them closer to realizing their own destiny and purpose. And realizing that love—like evil—is eternal.

From the Paperback edition.
Falling Light

Falling Light

Written by: Thea Harrison


A Game of Shadows Novel


Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

I can hardly believe I’m writing this. Falling Light, the conclusion to the Game of Shadows novels, is my newest release, and it’s been a long, wonderful journey to completion.

I wrote the first incarnation of these stories when I was in graduate school. After taking several mythology, philosophy and religious studies courses, I had so many wonderful ideas, I couldn’t wait to work on a project that would pull them all together.

So I asked myself a series of questions.

Angels exist in more than one religion, but those are human stories. What if the creatures we call angels really existed? What would they really be like? Who would they be, and how would they act throughout history? How would they impact humanity, and how would our stories tell theirs?

The Game of Shadows novels, Rising Darkness and Falling Light, tells their story, which has been hidden behind all of our myths and legends.

Long ago, eight strange, alien creatures came to earth, and four have survived. Michael, the warrior, Mary, the healer, Astra, the elder, and the Deceiver—the criminal. Eternally mated and cosmically balanced, they have battled each other throughout millenia and now their war comes to a close.

Thank you so much, dear readers, for your interest in my stories. I look forward to each one I write and am eager to share them with you, so we can take the journeys of imagination together.

Happy reading!