Financial Instruments

Financial Instruments

Equities, Debt, Derivatives, and Alternative Investments

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A comprehensive, current survey of investment products and instruments

Thorough, accessible, and up to date, Financial Instruments is a guide to all of the financial products currently being traded in the world’s markets. Through plain language and in a user-friendly format, David M. Weiss, author of After the Trade Is Made, outlines the many tools available and their unique functions, features, and structures.

Weiss breaks financial instruments into four broad groups: equities, debt, derivatives, and mutual funds. Under each heading, he explores the many types of related products, including exotic investments such as:

? American Depositary Receipts
? Asset-Backed Securities
? Structured Debt
? Futures
? Swaps
? Unit Investment Trusts

Financial Instruments is an indispensable tool for finance professionals-portfolio managers, brokers, financial planners, and institutional investors. It’s also a definitive resource for sophisticated individual investors.
Financial Instruments

Financial Instruments

Written by: David M. Weiss