Finding Arthur

Finding Arthur

The True Origins of the Once and Future King

  • Ebook
  • ISBN 9781468308433
  • 352 Pages
  • Overlook Books
  • Adult


The legend of King Arthur has been told and retold for centuries. As the kind who united a nation, his is the story of England itself. But what if Arur wasn’t English at all? As writer and Arthurian scholar Adam Ardrey discovered, the reason historians have had little success identifying the historical Arthur may be increcidbly simple: He wasn’t an Englishman. He was from Scotland and many of the familiar symbols of Arthurian legend–the Round Table, the Sword in the Stone, and the Lady of the Lake–are based on very real and still accessible places in the Scottish Highlands.


“Ardrey puts forth well-made arguments backed by archaeology, etymology and geography… It will have readers rooting for a Scottish Arthur.” —Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Finding Merlin:

“Ardrey delivers a bombshell . . . fascinating stuff.” –Los Angeles Times

“Amazing . . . Disproves the belief that Merlin was the fictional wizard portrayed in the movies The Sword in the Stone and Excalibur.” –Mail on Sunday

“A brilliant piece of detective work . . . Enthralling.” –Scots Magazine