Finding the Next Starbucks

Finding the Next Starbucks

How to Identify and Invest in the Hot Stocks of Tomorrow

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Michael Moe was one of the first research analysts to identify Starbucks as a huge opportunity following its IPO in 1992. And for more than fifteen years, he has made great calls on many other stocks, earning a reputation as one of today?s most insightful market experts.

Now he shows how winners like Dell, eBay, and Home Depot could have been spotted in their start-up phase, and how you can find Wall Street?s future giants. He forecasts the sectors with the greatest potential for growth, and explains his four Ps of future superstars: great people, leading product, huge potential, and predictability.

Moe also includes interviews with some of the biggest names in business?like Howard Schultz, Bill Campbell, and Michael Milken?who reveal their own insights into how they discover the stars of tomorrow.
Finding the Next Starbucks

Finding the Next Starbucks

Written by: Michael Moe