For the New Intellectual

For the New Intellectual

The Philosophy of Ayn Rand (50th Anniversary Edition)

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This is Ayn Rand’s challenge to the prevalent philosophical doctrines of our time and the “atmosphere of guilt, of panic, of despair, of boredom, and of all-pervasive evasion” that they create.

One of the most controversial figures on the intellectual scene, Ayn Rand was the proponent of a moral philosophy—and ethic of rational self-interest—that stands in sharp opposition to the ethics of altruism and self-sacrifice. The fundamentals of this morality—”a philosophy for living on Earth”—are here vibrantly set forth by the spokesman for a new class, For the New Intellectual.

From the Paperback edition.

Table of Contents

For the New Intellectual – Ayn Rand Preface
For the New Intellectual
We the Living
The Fountainhead
The Nature of the Second-Hander
The Soul of a Collectivist
The Soul of an Individualist
Atlas Shrugged
The Meaning of Money
The Martyrdom of the Industrialists
The Moral Meaning of Capitalism
The Meaning of Sex
“From Each According to His Ability, to Each According to His Need”
The Forgotten Man of Socialized Medicine
The Nature of an Artist
“This Is John Galt Speaking”