Forgetting to Be Afraid

Forgetting to Be Afraid

A Memoir

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A deeply personal memoir by one of the country’s brightest new political stars, Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.
Forgetting to Be Afraid

Forgetting to Be Afraid

Wendy Davis, Read by: Hillary Huber, Introduction by: Wendy Davis


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“It’s very good… an important contribution not only to understanding Wendy Davis but to where we are right now.” –Rachel Maddow

“I’m a Republican…but I can still love the book and be moved by an inspirational story.” –Joe Scarborough

“The memoir by the Democratic Texas gubernatorial candidate, Forgetting to be Afraid, includes more eyebrow-raising passages than most political memoirs allow….Real in a way that eclipses politics. For a few pages, Davis strips the abortion issue of its political trappings and focus-grouped talking points. She removes it from the realm of bumper stickers and legislative floor debates….We see it for what it is, with all its nuance. And we see it for what it is not – simple.” – The Houston Chronicle

 “In a new memoir …Ms. Davis has reinforced the wisdom of letting women sort out their medical options. Sort out independently.” – The New York Times

“Texas gubernatorial candidate Davis delivers a political biography that is better—in part because it’s better written, in part because it’s more heartfelt—than most books of its kind….She’s good at writing, too, and her closing account of that famed filibuster is a dramatic, textbook case of how to play hardball.  Doubtless we’ll be hearing more from Davis. This modest memoir makes it clear why even her opponents should pay attention to her.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Tremendously proud of Wendy Davis for telling her story – and fighting on behalf of Texas women every day.” – Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America


Dear Reader Letter

Dear Reader,

Forgetting to Be Afraid is a Profiles in Courage for our time—politically and personally.

In 2013, when Wendy Davis conducted an eleven-hour solo filibuster in the Texas legislature to block passage of a bill that would have denied women access to reproductive health care, she electrified the nation. On her feet, not moving, not drinking, no bathroom breaks, just talking; Senator Davis won an astounding, unlikely victory for pro-choice advocates everywhere.

In this new memoir, Davis, now the Democratic candidate for Texas governor, relates her extraordinary journey from a hardscrabble upbringing to motherhood to Harvard Law School and now into a race for one of America’s most visible jobs. How she combined ambition, family, determination and an unquenchable drive for public service is the stuff that legends—and great autobiographies—are made from. Written with candor, insight and an intimacy rarely offered by any politician, Forgetting to Be Afraid is inspiring, important reading.

I hope you’ll have a chance to read this surprising book; it will make you see what all of us at Blue Rider—and what so many voters in Texas—have come to view as the Age of Wendy Davis.

Best wishes etc

David Rosenthal

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