Free to Succeed

Free to Succeed

Designing the Life You Want in Today’s Free Agent Economy

Written by: Barbara Bailey Reinhold

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780452282513
  • 272 Pages
  • Plume
  • Adult


The “new economy” is rapidly becoming a free agent economy. Today one third of all American workers are free agents, and in the next decade the percentage will rise even more dramatically. Whether by default (downsizing is here to stay) or design (job dissatisfaction is at an all-time high), more and more of us are becoming free agents.

In Free to Succeed, veteran career coach Barbara B. Reinhold offers invaluable advice on:

• The 10 Essential Strategies for Succeeding in the New Free Agent Economy
* Discovering Your Free Agent Profile: “Rebel,” “Imagineer,” “Philosopher,” and more
* The 7 Steps to Free Agency
* How to become an “intrapreneur”-creating start-up ventures within your company
* Developing a “sidecar” venture to satisfy creative needs and help transition you to a more rewarding career

* sixteen in-depth exercises designed to motivate and guide your transition to free agency, resource listings, and more.

For entrepreneurs, “intrapreneurs,” small business owners, artists, writers, freelancers, and anyone seeking more creative options, Free to Succeed will help you achieve greater fulfillment in your career and your life.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Time Is Now
Introduction: Free to Succeed
1. New Economy Rules
2. It’s Good for Me – Is It Good For You?
3. What Kind of Free Agent Would You Be?
4. Seven Steps to Free Agency

Part Two: 22 Stories for Free Agents
Step One: Give Yourself Time and Permission: Empty Raincoats; Ghosts; Maybe I’m Too Old for This
Step Two: Open to New Possibilities: It’s Always Something!; There’s Something about Charlie!; Forget the Mailbags!
Step Three: Imagine Your Projects: Take Three Pleasures and Call Me in the Morning; Kid Stuff; It Just Takes Time
Step Four: Find Resources and Plan Logistics: Do You Really Deserve to Succeed?; Have You Checked Your EQ Yet?; To Leap or Not to Leap
Step Five: Launch/Make It Happen: Compromise; Missing Teeth; Fascinating Rhythms
Step Six: Fine-tune and Make Changes: It’s Just Too Much; Running on Empty; Finding the Opportunity in the Problem
Step Seven: Reevaluate and Consider More Change: The Clearness Committee; It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Tiime; And What About Writing?; Daily Practice

Part Three: How About Some Help?
Resources: Reading, Organizations, Links
Where Are You? Exercises to Get You Moving:
My Own Alone Time Exercise
My Own Assumptions Analysis
My Own Openers vs. Blockers Grid
My Own Ghostbusters Exercise
My Own Space-Maker Quadrant Exercise
My Own Imagination Booster
My Own EQ Checklist
My Own Free Agent Information Interview Questions
My Own Vision Test
My Own Options Sorter
My Own Risk Continuum Exercise
My Own Gradual Transition Grid
My Own Right Rhythm Check
My Own Dream Analysis Exercise
My Own Fill-Me-Up to Get Where I’m Going Exercise
My Own Daily Practice
My Own Clearness Committee