Game Dog

Game Dog

Second Revised Edition

Written by:
Foreword by: Dave Meisner

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780525939429
  • 208 Pages
  • Dutton
  • Adult


For over thirty years, Richard A. Wolters’ unrivaled expertise at training dogs has saved millions of owners many months of wasted time and labor. Now this updated edition of Game Dog offers the most efficient system to train retrievers for hunting upland birds and waterfowl. With this concise new method, you can have a skilled hunting retriever by the time your dog is one year old.

Based on scientific discoveries in dog psychology and synchronized with your dog’s natural development, Wolters’ method follows a clear, week-by-week timetable. His step-by-step instructions, illustrated with sequence photographs of dogs in training, tell you:

–How to choose a pup – what to look for, where to find the best
–The five critical periods of a dog’s mental development
–Which retrievers are easier to train — males or females
–How to get two dogs to work together
–Why feeding time is more than food
–How to teach your dog to track, quarter, and swim after game
–How to get your dog to betray his instincts and obey your commands
–Which tasks your dog must master to qualify as a hunter

This revised Second Edition of Game Dog is complete with the latest advances in training equipment, a full discussion of the new Hunting Retriever Stakes, and an appendix containing the complete official rules for competition in these popular events. It is an invaluable book for every hunter training a retriever and one that anyone who loves dogs will find great fun to read.


Praise for Richard A. Wolters and his books:

“Wolters has produced a solid book that will be of great help to anyone training his retriever to work. He is an acknowledged master in the field and an excellent instructor.”
-Dog Fancy on Game Dog

Gun Dog is one of the most valuable, probably THE most valuable, training tools the average amateur could have.”
-Sports Afield

Water Dog is a classic – definitely the place to start with your new retriever.”  
-David G. Meisner, Editor and Publisher, Gun Dog magazine

“Anyone who wants to try turning his dog into a well-mannered retriever will do well with Water Dog.”
-The New York Times

“The most popular method ever. Because it works and it’s easy!”
-Field & Stream on Family Dog