Gentlemen Bastards

Gentlemen Bastards

On the Ground in Afghanistan with America’s Elite Special Forces

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  • ISBN 9781101611371
  • 256 Pages
  • Berkley
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The Green Berets—a legendary corps of soldiers whose exploits made military history. But now, its very identity and role as a fighting force may be forever changed . . .

Until the war in Iraq, Special Forces were the military’s counterinsurgency experts. Their specialty was going behind enemy lines and training insurgent forces. In Afghanistan, they toppled the Taliban by transforming Northern Alliance fighters into cohesive units. But since that time, Special Forces units have focused on offensive raids.

With time running short, the Green Berets have now gone back to their roots.

Award-winning journalist Kevin Maurer traveled with a Special Forces team in Afghanistan, finding out firsthand the inside story of the lives of this elite group of highly trained soldiers. He witnessed the intense brotherhood, the rigorous selection process, and the arduous training that makes them the best on the battlefield. Here, Maurer delivers a compelling account of modern warfare and of a fighting force that is doing everything in its power to achieve victory.


“This story brings to life the unique men who form the ranks of the Green Berets and the Herculean tasks they must accomplish.”—Rusty Bradley, author of Lions of Kandahar

“[A] powerful look at Special Forces and the daily grind of tracking down the Taliban, terrorists, and other bad guys in Afghanistan.” —Mitch Weiss, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and critically acclaimed author of Tiger Force and No Way Out

“Humorous, stark, and honest, Gentlemen Bastards shows the reality of the war in Afghanistan.” —Nathan Edmondson, author of The Activity