Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On

Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On

The Wealth-Accumulation Secrets of America’s Richest Families

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  • ISBN 9781101216378
  • 256 Pages
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How the everyday investor can ramp up to multigenerational perpetual wealth 

There’s a new standard of wealth today, and many people don’t realize they’re part of the club. More than thirty-three million American households are now “mass affluent,” with a net worth between $100,000 and $1 million (not including the house they live in). They know they’re doing well, but few realize that they have the potential to achieve much more.

Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On is based on groundbreaking research into America’s richest families. Each year, McBreen and Walper’s firm surveys more than five thousand millionaire and megamillionaire households, and conducts many in-person interviews, online research, and historical analysis. The authors know better than anyone who the megarich are, where they work, how they invest, and how they plan their estates. 

The lessons they draw from their research will surprise you. It turns out that there are many ways to get rich, but only two definitive ways to ensure perpetual wealth. 

This is a powerful book for small business owners, professionals, and ambitious people of all ages.
Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On

Get Rich, Stay Rich, Pass It On

Catherine S. McBreen, George H. Walper Jr.

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