Getting to Heaven

Getting to Heaven

Departing Instructions for Your Life Now

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  • ISBN 9781101475904
  • 320 Pages
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The afterlife is a breath away—and now you can confidently prepare for it with help from Don Piper, the man who has seen it firsthand.
Millions have found inspiration in Don Piper’s 90 Minutes in Heaven.  Piper’s extraordinary account of spending ninety minutes in Heaven, after being pronounced dead at the scene of a car accident, continues to strengthen the faith of countless people.
Since publishing his inspirational bestseller in 2004, Don Piper has traveled the world spreading his message of faith—certain faith—in the promise of Heaven. In Heaven Is Real, Piper shared how life’s trials can be turned into spiritual lessons, when we are open to the certainty of God’s grace and love.
Now, with a message of hope and love, Getting to Heaven draws from both Don Piper’s amazing personal experience and the words of the Gospel to offer a set of “departing instructions”—helping us to face the inevitable battles ahead, prepare for eternal life, and, starting today, live a happy, fulfilling, purposeful life on Earth while making ourselves ready for the glory of Heaven.

More than 7 million copies of Don Piper’s books in print!
Getting to Heaven

Getting to Heaven

Don Piper, Cecil Murphey



“Don Piper is a gifted, humorous, life-giving communicator. Don ‘got’ to heaven. There is no one better than him to encourage us in our process of getting there.”—Kathy Troccoli, singer, author, and speaker
“Don Piper is a master communicator and this book is a must-read for anyone who wants a future that is brighter than this world.”—Carol Kent, speaker and author of Between a Rock and a Grace Place
“Because of his journey, Don has a unique ability to give wonderful insight into the last words of Jesus to His disciples.  Read this book and you’ll get excited about your ultimate destination as well as the journey.”—Dr. Curt Dodd, senior pastor, Westside Church, Omaha, Nebraska
“Practical earthly motivation to prepare for your heavenly destination!”—Dr. Jay Wolf, senior pastor, First Baptist Church of Montgomery, Alabama
“The book you now hold in your hands is a how-to manual for every living human being. We arrive in this world with no instructional guidance but that is now corrected with this departure manual. See you at the gate.”—Dr. Samuel R. Chand, leadership architect, change strategist, and author of Futuring
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