Ghost Gone Wild

Ghost Gone Wild

  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781101625798
  • 304 Pages
  • Berkley
  • Adult


Carolyn Hart’s good-hearted ghost, Bailey Ruth Raeburn, just can’t say no to an earthly rescue, even when maybe she should…
As far as emissaries from Heaven’s Department of Good Intentions go, Bailey Ruth is far from the top of the go-to list for assignments in the eyes of her boss, Wiggins. So she’s surprised when she’s dropped off on the outskirts of her old hometown, Adelaide, Oklahoma, at the home of young Nick Magruder. When a window cracks and a rifle barrel is thrust inside, only Bailey Ruth’s hasty intervention saves Nick from taking a bullet. But after she materializes to reassure him, she finds she can’t go back to vanishing. What gives?
It turns out Bailey’s been tricked by Nick’s late aunt to come to his rescue, which means Wiggins has no idea where she is—and now she may be trapped in Adelaide forever. Unless she can help snare the person who wants Nick dead…
Ghost Gone Wild

Ghost Gone Wild

Carolyn Hart


“The well-constructed plot offers an ample supply of red herrings. Fans of benign ghosts such as those in Blithe Spirit and Topper will find a lot to like.”—Publishers Weekly

“Often amusing and never easy to solve…One of [Bailey Ruth’s] toughest cases.”—Kirkus Reviews
“Bailey Ruth is a character you wish you’d known when she was alive and hope is watching over you now that she’s an angel.” —Kings River Life

“Bailey is a fun, feisty sleuth who finds herself in humorous predicaments when she forgets the rules of being a ghost. This solid mystery has comedic moments and a surprise ending, providing readers with a thoroughly entertaining story.”—RT Book Reviews


A Bailey Ruth Ghost Novel


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