Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter

The Groundbreaking Classic of Paranormal Investigation

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Fifty years before The Conjuring, Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, Insidious and Most Haunted, there was Hans Holzer—a man known as the “Father of the Paranormal.” Holzer pioneered ghost-hunting methods still used today, and brought ghosts and ghost hunting into popular culture in the second half of the twentieth century.

Ghost Hunter presented some of the first-ever case studies of haunting investigations, taken from Holzer’s own practice in the New York City area—ranging from Civil War-era spirits to the tormented ghosts of murder victims.

For devoted ghost-hunting aficionados curious about the practice’s history, there is no better place to start than the first book Hans Holzer wrote, Ghost Hunter. This is the classic 1963 book that launched his publishing career and gained him international fame.

The prestige edition of the classic, trail-blazing work on ghost hunting will intrigue new fans and longtime devotees alike—part of the new Tarcher Supernatural Library.  The first three titles released in Tarcher’s Supernatural Library are Ghost Hunter (by Hans Holzer), Romance of Sorcery (by Sax Rohmer) and Isis in America (by Henry Steel Olcott).
Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter

Written by: Hans Holzer


“Will give you a thrill and a chill”
Cheyenee State Tribune

“Exciting reading.”
Anniston Star

“Experiences of an honest-to-goodness professional spectre trailer. Good.”
Saturday Review

“Hans was the first academically trained researcher to define ghosts and ghostly activity for Parapsychology and his book, The Ghost Hunter (published in 1963), set the standard for understanding and investigating that area of the paranormal.”
—All About Paranormal
“Hans Holzer is a marvelous ghost hunter, who has added countless discoveries to the paranormal fields.”
—Ghost Hunting Reviews