Good Guys and Bad Guys

Good Guys and Bad Guys

Behind the Scenes with the Saints and Scoundrels of American Business (and Every thing in Between)

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The greatest columns and profiles by the bestselling coauthor of All the Devils Are Here.

What’s it like to be a top tobacco executive when your kid asks you about smoking? How did a young liberal arts major become the hottest tech-stock analyst of the ’90s, and why did he self-destruct? How did one family’s dysfunction change the media landscape?

Some people think business journalism is all about balance sheets, income statements, and earnings per share. But if you want to answer the really interesting questions-about heroes and hucksters, visionaries and madmen, and other larger-than-life characters-you need a reporter like Joe Nocera.

For more than twenty-five years Nocera has shed new light on the giants of the business world-Warren Buffett, T. Boone Pickens, Bob Nardelli-as well as on the less famous but equally fascinating. He builds stories around their motivations, personalities, and deepest characters. And instead of just pigeonholing them as good guys or bad guys, he explores the gray areas in between.

Good Guys and Bad Guys

Good Guys and Bad Guys

Written by: Joe Nocera