The Blossoming of an Unlikely Outlaw

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9781592407040
  • 304 Pages
  • Avery
  • Adult


A wry and entertaining memoir about growing up, growing pot, and life after your career goes up in smoke

At age thirty-four, Heather Donahue’s life went to pot. Literally. After starring in The Blair Witch Project—the tiny indie film–turned-blockbuster that Roger Ebert named one of the ten Most Influential Movies of the Century—she became a household name. But the afterglow of the movie faded, her acting career stalled. Determined to start a new life, she left most remnants of the old one in the desert, meditated on things for a few days, then followed her brand-new boyfriend to her brand-new life—growing pot.

is Heather’s year living on a pot farm in Nuggettown, California, among “The Community”—a collection of growers, their “pot wives,” and the reason for it all: “The Girls.” They help one another build grow rooms, tend to their crops, and provide a glimpse into this rarely seen world. Though her relationship hits rocky territory, Heather’s new life brings unexpected solace, and she’s surprised to finally find normalcy in the least likely of places.


“Frank and funny.” —The New Yorker

Growgirl is pretty wonderful.” —The Awl

“Donahue’s hippie-chick sensibilities don’t impair her ability to offer droll descriptions of the foibles of the community of growers she lived with for a year.” – Library Journal

“Everything contained within this “Fish out of water” memoir rings true and reads fiercely and crazily entertainingly…. in constructing a book that is both a gentle polemic and a deeply felt, richly developed, personal memoir, Heather Donahue shows herself to be an author with talent, skill and a unique rich author’s voice in which she can wrap them.” – NY Journal of Books

“wickedly funny, insightful” – Cannabis Culture

“The book is a dense and breezy read full of extraordinarily intimate details…” – Michael Musto, Village Voice

“Her memoir is a hilarious commentary on pot culture and Hollywood vapidity.” – Los Angeles Magazine

Growgirl is great if you like your marijuana stories imbued with a general sense of struggle. (And what other kind, really, exists these days?)” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

“In her quirky, kooky year-in-the-life account, she writes hilariously…Wry, with a nuanced distance from the events, Donahue offers an unorthodox gardener’s take on the growing season.” – Publishers Weekly

“An intimate look at a woman’s yearlong search for her place in the world.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Thank God things didn’t work out in Hollywood for Heather Donahue. Otherwise, we’d never have gotten this book. Anyone who’s taken a fall will bond fiercely with Donahue’s hilarious frankness about hitting bottom. Beautifully written, full of wisdom. A terrific read.”—Katie Crouch, author of Girls in Trucks

“Heather Donahue has a gloriously comic voice, and beguiling self-knowledge. Growgirl will tell you how to grow pot—and how to grow up. It’s a hilarious, rollicking, endearing memoir that’s also friendly, wise and thoroughly addictive. I inhaled it!” —Michelle Huneven, author of Blame