Choosing Brilliant Health

Choosing Brilliant Health

9 Choices That Unlock the Powerful Connection Between the TwoThings We Want Most

Written by:
Written by: Greg Hicks
Written by: Jen Seda M.D.

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The first practical guide to the physical benefits of positive emotions?from the national bestselling authors of How We Choose to Be Happy.

Happiness & Health unravels the mysteries of the mindbody connection as it presents clinical, scientific, and anecdotal evidence that proves that the adoption of a set of simple behaviors?known collectively as the ?model of health??can biochemically enhance health and well-being.

Validated by international studies, including those conducted at the Mayo Clinic, the ?model of health? as outlined in this book sets forth nine specific attitude- driven behaviors that anyone can integrate into their lives to achieve higher levels of both recovery from and prevention of illness:

Intention ? Accountability ? Identification ? Centrality ? Recasting ? Options ? Appreciation ? Giving ? Truth
Choosing Brilliant Health

Choosing Brilliant Health

Written by: Rick Foster, Written by: Greg Hicks, Written by: Jen Seda M.D.