Henry IV, part 1

Henry IV, part 1

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Mass Market Paperback
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN 9780451527110
  • 336 Pages
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This edition of Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1 uses a variety of approaches to Shakespeare, including historical and cultural studies approaches. Shakespeare’s text is accompanied by an intriguing collection of thematically arranged historical and cultural documents and illustrations designed to give a firsthand knowledge of the contexts out of which Henry IV, Part 1 emerged. Hodgdon’s intelligent and engaging introductions to the play and to the documents (most of which are presented in modern spelling and with annotations) offer a richly textured understanding of Elizabethan culture and Shakespeare’s work within that culture.

Table of Contents

Henry IV, Part I – William Shakespeare – Edited by Maynard Mack Samuel Johnson: From The Plays of William Shakespeare
Samuel Taylor Coleridge: From H. C. Robinson?s Memoranda and Seven Lectures
John Dover Wilson: From The Fortunes of Falstaff
Derek Travers: The Battle Scenes
James Winny: From The Player King: A Theme of Shakespeare?s Histories
Robert Ornstein: From A Kingdom for a Stage
Michael Goldman: From Shakespeare and the Energies of Drama
Coppelia Kahn: From Man?s Estate: Masculine Identity in Shakespeare
Cleanth Brooks and Robert S. Heilman: From Understanding Drama
Sylvan Barnet: ?Henry IV, Part I? on the Stage and Screen

T. F. Wharton: Interpreting ?Henry IV?: Four Productions