Here I Stand

Here I Stand

A Life of Martin Luther

  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780452011465
  • 336 Pages
  • Plume
  • Adult

Table of Contents

I. The Vow
At Home and School
Religious Disquiet
The Haven of the Cowl

II. The Cloister
The Terror of the Holy
The Way of Self-Help
The Merits of the Saints
The Trip to Rome

III. The Gospel
The Failure of Confession
The Mystic Ladder
The Evangelical Experience

IV. The Onslaught
The Indulgence for St. Peter’s
The Ninety-Five Theses

V. The Son of Iniquity
The Dominican Assault
The Case Transferred to Germany
The Interviews with Cajetan
Threatening Exile

VI. The Saxon Hus
The Gauntlet of Eck
The Leipzig Debate
The Endorsement of Hus

VII. The German Hercules
The Humanists: Erasmus
Melanchthon and Dürer
The Nationalists: Hutten and Sickingen

VIII. The Wild Boar in the Vineyard
The Sacraments and the Theory of the Church
Prosecution Resumed
The Bull “Exsurge”
The Bull Seeks Luther

IX. The Appeal to Caesar
Publication of the Bull
Against the Execrable Bull of Antichrist
The Freedom of the Christian Man

X. Here I Stand
A Hearing Promised and Recalled
The Emperor Assumes Responsibility
Invitation to Luther Renewed
Luther Before the Diet
The Edict of Worms

XI. My Patmos
At the Wartburg
The Reformation at Wittenberg: Monasticism
The Mass
The Outbreak of Violence

XII. The Return of the Exile
The Invitation to Come Back
The Return to Wittenberg

XIII. No Other Foundation
Nature, History, and Philosophy
Christ the Sole Revealer
The Word and the Sacraments
The Menace to Morals
The Ground of Goodness

XIV. Rebuilding the Walls
The Callings
Church and State

XV. The Middle Way
Hostility of the Reformed Papacy
Recoil of the Moderate Catholics: Erasmus
Defection of the Puritans: Carlstadt
The Revolutionary Saints: Müntzer
Banishment of the Agitators

XVI. Behemoth, Leviathan, and the Great Waters
Rivals: Zwingli and the Anabaptists
Religion and Social Unrest
Luther and the Peasants
Müntzer Foments Rebellion
The Debacle and the Effect on the Reformation

XVII. The School for Character
Katherine von Bora
Children and Table Talk
Views of Marriage
Consolations of Home

XVIII. The Church Territorial
Dissemination of the Reform
Practical Church Problems
The Godly Prince
The Protest
Protestant Alliance: The Marburg Colloquy
The Augsburg Confession

XIX. The Church Tutorial
The Bible Translation
Doctrinal Problems in Translation

XX. The Church Ministerial
Sermon on the Nativity
Exposition of Jonah

XXI. The Struggle for Faith
Luther’s Persistent Struggle
His Depressions
The Way of Indirection
Wrestling with the Angel
The Rock of Scripture

XXII. The Measure of the Man
The Bigamy of the Landgrave
Attitude to the Anabaptists
Attitude to the Jews
The Papists and the Emperor
The Measure of the Man

Sources of Illustrations

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