His Father's Son

His Father’s Son

Earl and Tiger Woods

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A revealing and intimate biography of the man who influenced Tiger Woods the most-his father, Earl Woods.

From the time he entered the public consciousness as a two-year-old golf prodigy on The Mike Douglas Show, Eldrick "Tiger" Woods has often seemed to be not much more than a ball-striking machine- reinforced by his carefully guarded image and emotionless persona. Even after his recent bombshell adultery scandal, the public still knows very little about the man behind the golf clubs and multimillion-dollar endorsement deals. But one thing is certain: Earl Woods, Tiger’s beloved and now deceased father, knew him better and influenced his life more than anyone.

In His Father’s Son, Tom Callahan offers a full-blown biography of earl Dennison Woods, the Vietnam War veteran who raised the golf phenomenon and, in turn, a full-blown biography of Tiger. With exclusive access to and interviews with Earl, Tiger, and a host of other key figures, Callahan provides an unprecedented look into their lives and the remarkably close relationship they had. With unparalleled insight into the man who made Tiger Woods the person that he is, His Father’s Son is part biography and part father-and-son love story.


“It’s always rewarding when a masterful writer digs deeply into a tough subject and comes closer to the truth than anyone else. Tom Callahan not only does this in His Father’s Son, he entertains along the way.”
-Dan Jenkins, author of Dead Solid Perfect and Fairways and Greens

Praise for Tom Callahan:

“Tom Callahan does to words what Tiger Woods does to golf balls. Under his spell, they soar, spin, and do the samba on the head of a matchstick. There’s nobody better.”
-Rick Reilly, ESPN

“Tom knows the game of golf as well as anyone in the business.”
-Jack Nicklaus

“Callahan could make a book about agricultural reform in mid-Wales in the 13th century sing and dance.”
-John Hopkins, The Times of London

“When I was just starting out, before I played in either a Masters or a U.S. Open, I played with Tom Callahan in Pretoria. So, we go back a ways, twenty years. To me, he’s the Jack Nicklaus of the golf writers.”
-Ernie Els

“Tom Callahan writing about anything is like Julia Child saying, ‘If you don’t have any plans, stick around and I’ll make you dinner.'”
-Tony Kornheiser, ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption