Home From the Sea

Home From the Sea

An Elemental Masters Novel

Written by:

  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780756407278
  • 320 Pages
  • DAW
  • Adult


New in the extraordinary series hailed as “a true frolic into fantasy” (Fantasy Bookspot) by a “Master Magician.” (Midwest Book Review)

In Edwardian Britain, magic is real. And Masters of the Elements control Fire, Water, Air, and Earth…

Mari Prothero has lived all her life with her father, Daffyd, in a tiny fishing village on the coast of Wales. Though Daffyd takes his boat out on the sea regardless of weather, Mari has learned not to fear for his safety, for her father is a Water mage, and always comes home safely with a large catch. Mari knows that in her family, children are expected to marry at eighteen, to an appropriate stranger. However, Mari is a fledgling Water Master with a rebellious nature. She has no intention of agreeing to any arranged marriage. But Mari has yet to learn the truth of the magical heritage that must be protected by these very marriages. For the Protheros are descended from Selkies—magical beings who are able to change from seals to humans—and to continue her line, she must marry a full-blooded Selkie…
Home From the Sea

Home From the Sea

Written by: Mercedes Lackey


Praise for Home from the Sea:

“Lackey’s way with character description is phenomenal. I greatly enjoy being one of thos epeople who is able to visualize books in such detail that it’s lamost as though I’m watching a movie, and Lackey does not disappoint in this regard. Every time I was interrupted whilst trying to read this book,when I came back I momentarily forgot I was reading at all. This book was fantastic, and I can’t wait to start the series at the beginning.”
—Bookshelf Bombshells

“Lighter in tone with more emphasis on romance than some of the previous titles, this fairy-tale homage offers a variant view on the usually tragic love between humans and selkies, and should attract both series fans and Lackey’s sizable following.” 
Library Journal

“With a nod to the Nordic tale ‘East of the Sun and West of the Moon,’ the latest Elemental Masters historical fantasy is a thrilling tale, due to the brave heroine who will fight for those she cherishes and to keep what is rightfully hers.” 
Midwest Book Review

And for the previous novels of the Elemental Masters:

This is Lackey at her best, mixing whimsy and magic with a fast-paced plot.”
Publishers Weekly 

“Richly detailed historical backgrounds add flavor and richness to an already strong series that belongs in most fantasy collections. Highly recommended.” 
Library Journal (starred)

Fans of fantasy will be thrilled by Lackey’s clever fairy-tale adventure.” 

“I find Ms. Lackey’s Elemental Masters series a true frolic into fantasy.” 
Fantasy Book Spot

“Lackey has delivered another fine entry into the Elemental Masters series…. The storyline and subplots are smoothly woven together and as usual, Lackey’s character development is delightful.” 
Monsters & Critics

All in fine fairy-tale tradition…. It’s grim fun, with some nice historical detail, and just a hint of romance to help lighten things.”