How to Be Good

How to Be Good

  • ePub
  • ISBN 9781101215692
  • 336 Pages
  • Riverhead
  • Adult


Katie Carr is a good person. She recycles. She’s against racism. She’s a good doctor, a good mom, a good wife…well, maybe not that last one, considering she’s having an affair and has just requested a divorce via cell phone. But who could blame her? For years her husband’s been selfish, sarcastic, and underemployed, writing the “Angriest Man in Holloway” column for their local paper.

But now David’s changed. He’s become a good person, too&#151really good. He’s found a spiritual leader. He has become kind, soft-spoken, and earnest. He’s even got a homeless kid set up in the spare room. Katie isn’t sure if this is a deeply-felt conversion, a brain tumor&#151or David’s most brilliantly vicious manipulation yet. Because she’s finding it more and more difficult to live with David&#151and with herself.

How to Be Good

How to Be Good

Nick Hornby


New York Times Notable Book – Winner
W. H. Smith Book Award – Winner
I.M.P.A.C. Dublin Award – Winner


“Hornby is a writer who dares to be witty, intelligent and emotionally generous all at once.”&#151The New York Times Book Review

“A darkly funny and thought-provoking ride.”&#151USA Today

“A bitingly clever novel of ideas…[a] profound, worrying, hilarious, sophisticated, compulsive novel.”&#151The Sunday Times (UK)

“Daringly different.”&#151New York Daily News

“How to be good? How to be bloody marvelous more like.”&#151The Mail on Sunday (UK)

“Breezily hilarious and thought-provoking at the same time.”&#151New York magazine

“Seriousness spiked with humor…a page-turner.”&#151The Washington Times

“A thorny parable…very funny and shrewd.”&

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