How to Build Your Own Spaceship

How to Build Your Own Spaceship

The Science of Personal Space Travel

Written by: Piers Bizony

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Ladies and gentlemen, start your spaceships!

Personal space travel is no longer the stuff of science fiction. The future is here: Civilians are launching into orbit. As early as 2010 paying customers will have the opportunity to experience weightlessness, courtesy of Virgin Galactic’s inaugural launch.

How to Build Your Own Spaceship takes readers on a fun and quirky trip to the forefront of commercial space travel-the latest technology, the major business players, and the personal and financial benefits that are ripe for the picking. Science-writer Piers Bizony’s breadth of knowledge, quick wit, and no-nonsense explanations of the hard science in this emerging arena will satisfy even the most dedicated space fanatics. With practical advice (from picking the best jet fuel to funding your own fleet of space crafts), unbelievable space facts, and fascinating photos, Bizony’s user-friendly guide to blasting off is a must-have ticket to the final frontier.
How to Build Your Own Spaceship

How to Build Your Own Spaceship

Written by: Piers Bizony


“[Bizony] writes with the easy tone you’d want to hear from your space pilot… Strap yourselves down, and boldly go on a joyride out of this world.”
-The Times (UK)

Table of Contents

How to Build Your Own SpaceshipPreface

Chapter 1: When’s the Space Age Coming for the Rest of Us?

Chapter 2: That’s Why They Call It “Rocket Science”

Chapter 3: Runners and Riders, Ways and Means

Chapter 4: “No Bucks, No Buck Rogers”

Chapter 5: Islands in the Sky

Chapter 6: The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

Chapter 7: The Red Planet—and Beyond

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