How to Get Into Law School

How to Get Into Law School

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Whether you’re is a college junior facing the LSATs, a senior sitting with disappointing test scores, or someone who has always dreamed of a career in the law, there is too much at stake not to ask the hard questions about what lies ahead. How to Get into Law School will tell you all you need to know about:

Choosing and applying to law school
The law school admission test (LSAT) and law school applications
Getting into law school
Suceeding as a student
Finding career fulfillment

In How to Get Into Law School, Susan Estrich lends her unique point of view and far-ranging experience-as ace law student, tenured professor, renowned legal scholar and analyst-to the life and career questions applicants will face, and answers them in the frank, no-nonsense manner that is her trademark. Featuring anecdotes from admissions directors, professors, veteran attorneys, and adventurous students alike, How to Get Into Law School lays out the facts on:

Getting Scholarships
Community service
The Rigors of Studying
Surviving Interviews
Finding Employment
If you’re considering going to law school, this is your indispensable how-to guide.
How to Get Into Law School

How to Get Into Law School

Written by: Susan Estrich


“The smartest book about getting in and going to law school.” –Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law School

“Brilliant.” –Christopher F. Edley, Dean, Boalt Hall Law School

“If anyone can remind you why you once loved the law, and still might, Susan Estrich will.” –Kathleen M. Sullivan, Dean and Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

Table of Contents

How to Get Into Law SchoolForeword by Kathleen M. Sullivan and Richard E. Lang
Professor of Law and Stanley Morrison Professor of Law, Stanford Law School


Book One: Getting In
1. Getting Ready
2. Should You Take Time Off Before Law School?
3. Are You Commited?
4. The LSAT
5. Making the Case for Yourself
6. The Personal Statement
7. How to Get Great Recommendations
8. How to Get Personal Interviews at Schools That Don’t Interview
9. The Critical Importance of Follow-Through
10. How to Target Your Applications to the Right Schools for You
11. How You Should Define “Best” for Yourself
12. Financing Your Legal Education

Book Two: What You Need to Learn
13. What You Need to Know Before You Begin
14. To Brief or Not Brief? That is the Question
15. Surviving the Socratic Method
16. Mastering the Fine Art of Examsmanship
17. How to Make Facluty Members Like You
18. “Hitting the Wall” Is Part of the Law School Experience
19. How to Get the Most from Your Legal Education
20. Facing the Job Market
21. Unhappy Lawyers and How to Avoid Becoming One
22. Work That Matters; Professionalism; Defining It for Yourself