How to Settle an Estate

How to Settle an Estate

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  • 368 Pages
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The most complete and up-to-date estate-planning guide available…

Thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the latest tax codes, the third edition of How to Settle an Estate is the essential step-by-step guide to lead readers through the complex and daunting process of settling an estate. In clear and practical lay terms, authors Charles K. Plotnick, L.L.B., and Stephan R. Leimberg, J.D., both experts in estate planning, provide readers with invaluable advice, including:

  • How to raise cash for immediate estate expenses
  • Dealing with insurance claims
  • Knowing when to hire a lawyer, an accountant, and a stock broker
  • Managing real estate
  • Distributing assets
    And much more…
  • Table of Contents

    1. The Personal Representative: A Job Description
    2. The Selection Process
    3. What an Executor Must Know About the Psychological Aspects of Death and Dying
    4. How and When to Use Other Members of the Estate Team
    5. Avoiding Fiduciary Liability
    6. Pre-death Planning Techniques
    7. Getting Organized
    8. The Formal Appointment: Probating the Estate
    9. Disclaimers
    10. After Probate
    11. Tangible Personal Property
    12. Retirement Plans and Other Government and Fringe Benefits
    13. Life Insurance
    14. Cash, Bank Accounts, and Listed Securities
    15. Real Estate
    16. Investing Estate Assets
    17. Handling a Family Business
    18. Jointly Owned Property
    19. Trusts and Guardianships
    20. Debts and Expenses
    21. State Death Taxes
    22. The Federal Estate-Tax Return
    23. Gift-Tax Returns
    24. Estate’s Income-Tax Return
    25. Decedent’s Final Income-Tax Return
    26. Tax Elections
    27. Valuation of Assets
    28. Charitable Bequests
    29. Anatomical Gifts
    30. Distribution
    31. The Duties of a Trustee

    Executor’s Checklist
    Power of Attorney
    Living Will
    Inventory After Probate
    Executor’s Letter and Information Form
    Checklist to Avoid Federal Estate-Tax Audit
    Federal Estate-Tax Asset/Deduction Finder
    Approval of Account, Release and Indemnification
    Statement Regarding Anatomical Gifts
    Trustee’s Checklist
    Trust Receipt and Release
    IRS Forms that May Be Useful