How to Watch TV News

How to Watch TV News

Revised Edition

Written by:
Written by: Steve Powers

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  • ISBN 9780143113775
  • 192 Pages
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A scathing and prescient look at television news?now updated for the new tech-savvy generation

Television news : genuine information or entertainment fodder? Fifteen years ago, Neil Postman, a pioneer in media education and author of the bestselling Amusing Ourselves to Death, and Steve Powers, an award-winning broadcast journalist, concluded that anyone who relies exclusively on their television for accurate world news is making a big mistake. A cash cow laden with money from advertisers, so-called news shows glut viewers with celebrity coverage at the cost of things they really should know. Today, this message is still appallingly true but the problems have multiplied? along with the power of the Internet and the abundance of cable channels. A must-read for anyone concerned with the way media is manipulating our worldview, this newly revised edition addresses the evolving technology and devolving quality of America?s television news programming.
How to Watch TV News

How to Watch TV News

Written by: Neil Postman, Written by: Steve Powers