I Wanna Go Home

I Wanna Go Home

Illustrator: David Catrow

Enhanced ePub
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  • Enhanced ePub
  • ISBN 9780698192324
  • 32 Pages
  • G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers
  • 6 – 8


Another hilarious companion to I Wanna Iguana.

Alex is not happy about being sent to his grandparents’ retirement community while his parents go on a fabulous vacation. What could be worse than tagging along to Grandma’s boring bridge game or enduring the sight of Grandpa’s dentures?
But as the week goes on, Alex’s desperate emails to his parents turn into stories about ice cream before dinner and stickball with Grandpa. Before he knows it, Alex has made a surprising discovery: grandparents are way cooler than he thought!
Masterfully balancing hilarity and heart, Karen Kaufman Orloff and Dave Catrow deliver a story sure to entertain kids and grandparents everywhere.
I Wanna Go Home

I Wanna Go Home

Karen Kaufman Orloff, Illustrator: David Catrow

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