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  • ISBN 9780399162138
  • 464 Pages
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“Thoft’s gripping sequel…A quirky and empathetic heroine, a fast-moving plot, and a surprise ending make this a winner.”
Publishers Weekly

Firecracker P.I. Fina Ludlow returns in the next hard-driving entry in the acclaimed series by Ingrid Thoft.

It’s been a couple months since Fina’s last big case—the one that exposed dark family secrets and called Fina’s family loyalty into question—but there’s no rest for the weary, especially when your boss is Carl Ludlow.

Renata Sanchez, a single mother by choice, wants to learn the identity of her daughter Rosie’s sperm donor. A confidentiality agreement and Rosie’s reticence might deter other mothers, but not Renata, nor Carl, who’s convinced that lawsuits involving cryobanks and sperm donors will be “the next big thing.” Fina uncovers the donor’s identity, but the solution to that mystery is just the beginning: within hours of the case going public, Rosie’s donor turns up dead.   

Fina didn’t sign on for a murder investigation, but she can’t walk away from a death she may have set in motion. She digs deeper and discovers that DNA doesn’t tell the whole story and sometimes, cracking that code can have deadly consequences.


Praise for IDENTITY“There’s plenty of fun to be had on Fina’s sophomore outing, including a cheerful blast-from-the-past nod to none other than  Boston’s most famous ducklings.” — The Boston Globe

“Fina is mercurial, dogged, somewhat snarky, and rarely takes no for an answer. Fans of Sara Gran’s Claire DeWitt, Bill Loehfelm’s Maureen Coughlin, or readers who like their heroines rough around the edges yet with plenty of heart will enjoy this very entertaining and surprising series.”—Library Journal  “Thoft’s gripping sequel…A quirky and empathetic heroine, a fast-moving plot, and a surprise ending make this a winner.”—Publishers Weekly

“Smart, funny, BS averse.” —Seattle Times

“Thoft skillfully balances the array of business, family, and cryobank-related motives, and she crafts a great climax. Scrappy Fina’s character is uncommonly fully realized… Readers will find plenty to love about her.”—Booklist

“LOYALTY was a craftily plotted page-turner. IDENTITY, the second in the series, is even better…. Sexy modern noir… A new-generation, kick-ass heroine.”

—Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Novelist Ingrid Thoft has created a popular and off-beat character in Fina Ludlow, a private investigator at the center of Thoft’s mystery series.”

—The Houston Press

“Fina Ludlow is a literary sister to Lisa Lutz’s Izzy Spellman, and she’s my new favorite snarky feminist.”

— Minneapolis Star Tribune


Praise for LOYALTY:
“Kinsey Millhone, you’ve got competition. This firecracker of a series starter is a perfect summer read. It introduces Fina Ludlow, the in-house private investigator for her family’s ethically shaky law firm. What starts as a search for her missing sister-in-law uncovers bombshells and twisted family secrets. ”— Entertainment Weekly

“What starts, in Thoft’s dazzling first novel, as a missing-persons case for Boston PI Fina Ludlow—the search for her sister-in-law, Melanie—swells through layers of familial secrets, lies, and betrayals to something approaching Greek tragedy….Readers will be eager to see more of smash-mouth Fina, a hard-boiled throwback equally comfortable shooting from the hip or the lip.”— Publishers Weekly (starred)

“Thoft’s promising debut introduces a significantly flawed but tough new PI and offers up compelling suspense, while the smooth prose keeps things moving right along….This mystery wrapped in family drama should please fans of contemporary suspense of the more hard-boiled sort.”— Library Journal

“(Fina) Ludlow has the shrewdness of her parents and siblings but she has compassion, too. Fans of the Kinsey Millhone mysteries will enjoy this engaging debut.”—    Booklist

“LOYALTY’s Fina Ludlow is my hero. If I were in a bad spot, I’d want her at my back. Don’t miss it.”— # 1 New York Times-bestselling author Catherine Coulter

“In her debut novel, Ingrid Thoft  gives us Fina Ludlow, the newest private eye to prowl Boston’s mean streets. Fina returns the female detective to the heart of the hard-boiled tradition: hard-drinking, hard-loving, moody. Writer Ingrid Thoft has given her a dysfunctional extended family that rivals the Ewings of Dallas fame, which adds a dimension not often seen in the PI novel.” — New York Times-bestselling author Sara Paretsky


A Fina Ludlow Novel
Ingrid Thoft
Ingrid Thoft
Ingrid Thoft


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