Iggy Loomis, a Hagfish Called Shirley

Iggy Loomis, a Hagfish Called Shirley

Illustrator: Michael Moran

Additional Formats
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9780803737815
  • 208 Pages
  • Dial Books
  • 7-9 years


Iggy Loomis and his cool superpowers are back in this illustrated sci-fi chapter book for elementary school fans of The Adventures of Captain Underpants

Daniel is trying really hard to be a good older brother, especially now that Iggy has mutant insect abilities that he got from the alien next door. But when Iggy flushes the alien’s pet hagfish down the toilet, he goes way too far. Now Shirley the hagfish is fated to a life in the sewers! It’s up to Iggy to use his powers to find Shirley, but with his temper tantrums and fits—and everyone on Daniel’s case—it looks more and more like Shirley will never come home. Can Daniel convince Iggy to save the day, before everyone is grounded for life?

With aliens, superpowers, slime mold, pets, extra-slimy creatures, and Jennifer Allison’s laugh-out-loud humor, this sequel to Iggy Loomis, Superkid in Training
is an out-of-control good time!


Praise for Iggy Loomis, Superkid in Training:

“Allison creates a comically put-upon older brother in Daniel in a lighthearted story that captures the chaos of everyday family life, superpowers or not.” – Publishers Weekly

“The author of the Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator series piles on the yuks in this slapstick science-fiction opener…it doesn’t take psychic powers to see how this could be a crowd pleaser.” – Kirkus Reviews
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