In the Company of Women

In the Company of Women

Indirect Aggression Among Women: Why We Hurt Each Other and How to Stop

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In the Company of Women explains how indirect, or “relational,” aggression can hurt women and hinder them from achieving success and harmony in their adult lives. Gender studies have shown that when a goal is in sight, men generally use direct action to attain it. Women, on the other hand, have been socialized to express aggressive actions through indirect means-using behavior such as shunning, stigmatizing, and


With startling insights into the meaning of our everyday behavior, this book offers straightforward techniques to change conflict among women into cooperation by resolving discords peaceably, building relationships, and making the most of women’s unique leadership and communication skills.


Table of Contents

In the Company of WomenIntroduction

Part I: Conflict: Why Women Behave the Way They Do
One: The Golden Triangle: Relationships, Power, and Self-Esteem
Two: The Power Dead-Even Rule
Three: From the XX Files: The Origins of Woman-to-Woman Conflict
Four: Lessons from Childhood
Five: The Bitch Factor: Indirect Aggression

Part II: Colleagues: Finding Powerful Allies and Friends Among Women in the Workplace
Six: The Goal Is the Relationship
Seven: Loosening Power Dead-Even Double Binds
Eight: How to Have Healthy Conflict with Another Woman
Nine: Handling Conflict with Style
Ten: How to Be an Effective Female Leader
Eleven: Building a Dream Team

A Final Word

Appendix A: Books on Self-Esteem
Appendix B: Conflict Styles Questionnaire Answer Key