Inside Rehab

Inside Rehab

The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment–and How to Get Help That Works

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An eye-opening tour of the addiction treatment industry explores the gap between what should happen and what does

What happens inside drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and how rehab works are a mystery to those outside the industry – and sometimes even to those inside it.

Anne M. Fletcher is a trusted New York Times bestselling health and medical writer who visited 15 addiction treatment centers—from outpatient programs for the indigent to famous celebrity rehabs; from the sites of renowned Twelve-Step centers to several unconventional programs—to find out what really happens. What she reveals ranges from inspirational to irresponsible, and, in some cases, potentially dangerous.
Real Stories: As always with her books, Fletcher gets the inside story by turning to real people who “have been there,” interviewing more than 100 individuals whose compelling stories illustrate serious issues facing people in rehab and endemic in the rehab industry today.
Connected Writer and Researcher who has earned the respect (and cooperation) of experts throughout the fields she’s taken on. Inside Rehab is no exception—Fletcher has interviewed more than 100 professionals working in the field, including a mix of rehab staffers and administrators as well as leading academics.
Rehab is constantly covered in the media, as celebrities battle their drug and alcohol issues in the spotlight and reality TV puts recovery in prime time. Addiction is no longer only a personal struggle—it’s a pop culture phenomenon.
Myth Busting: Fletcher exposes twelve supposed facts for the falsehoods they are, including “rehab is necessary for most people to recover from addictions;” “highly trained professionals provide most of the treatment in addiction programs;” and “drugs should not be used to treat a drug addict.” Fletcher’s most important finding is the alarming discrepancy between the treatments being employed at many rehab centers and the treatments recommended by leading experts and supported by scientific research.
Guidance and Practical Solutions: Inside Rehab also highlights what is working, spotlights state-of-the-art programs and practices, and offers advice and guidance for people seeking quality care and treatment for themselves or those they care about.
Inside Rehab is the first book to give readers a thoughtful, sensitive, and bracingly honest insider’s view of the drug and alcohol rehab industry in America. For people seeking quality care for themselves or a loved one, Inside Rehab is essential reading, offering a wealth of accurate information and wise guidance.


“Eye-opening… Ms. Fletcher’s book, replete with the experiences of treated addicts, offers myriad suggestions to help patients find addiction treatments with the highest probability of success.”
–Jane Brody, The New York Times
“The information and perspective Fletcher provides are indispensable. Anyone in the unfortunately position of needing her advice on how to find the best addiction treatment will find this book invaluable, but the rest of us have a lot to learn from it as well.”
Inside Rehab is an invaluable addition to addiction literature. It is fascinating, insightful, and unafraid to upset the establishment. And Anne Fletcher is a measured, detailed, and insightful reporter. Her book is also a great tool for any family struggling with an addicted loved one. Getting sober is hard. Staying sober is hard. Having more options to get clean just might mean that more people do so.”
The New Republic
“Fletcher presents what works, why, where to find it, and how much it costs. It’s startling, difficult, and important information for those traveling toward recovery, and anyone who wants to help.” –Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Fletcher’s book has much to recommend it as a layperson’s guide to the way substance abuse is treated in the United States and how this treatment can be improved.” –Health Affairs 
“Fletcher… provides answers to fundamental questions: How much does it cost? How long does it last? What do people actually do there? Inside Rehab is a valuable road map for navigating the multiple pathways and programs dealing with the problem of substance abuse.”
            –Booklist (starred review)
“An extensive, critical overview of modern treatment methods for substance abuse. A valuable guide for individuals seeking help and for their families, as well as for policymakers.” –Kirkus
“With the degree of addiction in this country, cutting across all communities, this book looks to be an important purchase.”
Library Journal
“Like her stunning Sober for Good, Inside Rehab is a transformational read that distinguishes myth from reality in the murky and uncertain world of addiction treatment. This isn’t just a useful guide to addiction treatment, Inside Rehab is landmark: it is a brave, bold and paradigm-shifting contribution to the literature. Inside Rehab is a must read for anyone with a stake in addiction treatment.”
            –Howard J. Shaffer, Ph.D., Director, Division on Addiction, The Cambridge Health Alliance (A Harvard Medical School Teaching Affiliate); Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
“This is an extraordinary book. I know of nothing like it. Objective, informative and extraordinary detailed, this book tells the truth about how addiction treatment measures up to modern science and medicine and how you can find a quality addiction treatment program.”
            –David C. Lewis, MD, Founder, Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies
“The stigma, desperation, and fear that accompany addiction are so often exacerbated by our ignorance of where to turn for help, what to expect, and what to ask. No longer. This long overdue resource informs and empowers suffering individuals and families to know what effective treatment should look like, to ask the right questions, and ultimately, to obtain the quality care they deserve.”
–John F. Kelly, Ph.D. President, Society of Addiction Psychology, American Psychological Association; Associate Professor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; Director, ARMS Program, Mass. General Hospital
“What a great book – so needed and timely! If you’re asking yourself, ‘What should I do?’ for yourself or for a loved one struggling with an addiction, you should read this book. Combining personal stories with in-depth research, Anne Fletcher offers you invaluable inside information about the currently available treatment options. As a professional who has long worked in this field, I learned some useful things that I know I will return to.”
            –F. Michler Bishop, Ph.D., CAS, Director, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services, The Albert Ellis Institute
“Finally, a book that takes an inside look at  addiction treatment by blending an investigative-reporter feel with research-minded rigor—invaluable for patients, policy makers, service providers and program administrators.  It also offers a fresh perspective on the complexities of treating a person suffering from chronic addiction.  To accomplish this with such empathy toward the predicament faced by patients and treatment providers is a real achievement.”
            –Ken C. Winters, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Minnesota Medical School
“[Inside Rehab] is carefully researched, draws upon considerable expert opinion and research data, and communicates with compassion, ideas about how to navigate this unnecessarily complex field.”
–Mark P. McGovern, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry and of Community & Family Medicine, The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
“Fletcher has written one of the most important clinical books in the past decade. Before spending a dime on rehab, for yourself or a loved one, read this book! Her work may do more to help people get and stay sober than millions spent in high dollar rehab facilities.”
–David Ley, Ph.D., author of The Myth of Sex Addiction
“This is the definitive guide to effective rehab – not only a cogent and highly informative summary of what good rehab should look like, but also a bird’s-eye view of what it’s like to get good and bad treatment. Finally, consumers will have a way to know how best to help themselves or their family members.”
            –Michael V. Pantalon, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Yale School of Medicine & CEO of the Center for Progressive Recovery