Instinct Putting

Instinct Putting

Putt Your Best Using the Breakthrough, Science-Based TargetVision Putting Techni que

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  • ISBN 9781440632594
  • 160 Pages
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The proven approach that guarantees results on the green by tapping the power of natural intuition? based on cutting-edge research

Born out of the most popular Golf Magazine cover story of 2005, Instinct Putting begins with a crucial but counterintuitive premise: You should look at the hole, not at the ball, while putting. Golf-club technology has helped amateurs drive the ball farther than ever, but no amount of technology has managed to conquer the mind-game of putting. Delivering a complete paradigm shift, Instinct Putting features a breakthrough, scientifically proven method that will have golfers defying their previous training?while sinking more putts than they ever dreamed possible.

Currently one of the hottest topics on the links, instinct putting combines simplicity with phenomenal results. Emphasizing the brain?s instinctive ability to perform incredible tasks through unconscious information processing, rather than through active thought, the authors take readers through important but uncomplicated steps to retrain their putting protocols. From stance and grip to execution, Instinct Putting puts the keys to precision putts in the hands of golfers at all levels. Ending the frustration on the green, this revolutionary approach transforms every golfer?s most maddening shots into their greatest rewards.
Instinct Putting

Instinct Putting

Eric Alpenfels

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