Interior Design with Feng Shui

Interior Design with Feng Shui

New and Expanded

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  • Paperback
  • ISBN 9780140196085
  • 224 Pages
  • Penguin Books
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A centuries-old Chinese practice, feng shui has captured the Western imagination as a tool for design and well-being. In this classic book, complete with helpful drawings and photographs, Sarah Rossbach shows how anyone can apply its principles to enhance their careers, family life, health, and prosperity.Rossbach interprets the teachings of feng shui master Lin Yun for contemporary Westerners, offering practical methods for achieving harmony with one’s environment. Focusing on common problems in business and residential settings, she discusses everything from the site of a building to furniture arrangement to wall decoration. In a chapter new to this edition, she explains how to choose colors that satisfy individual needs and preferences. Rossbach’s easy-to-execute advice includes such simple steps as moving a microwave oven, repositioning a desk, and hanging mirrors to alleviate negative influences.
Interior Design with Feng Shui

Interior Design with Feng Shui

Written by: Sarah Rossbach

Table of Contents

feng shuiForeword

1. Introduction

2. Basic Concepts
Tao and Yin-Yang · Ch’i · The Five Elements · I Ching

3. Solutions
Chu-Shr · The Nine Basic Cures

4. Siting
Natural Elements · Natural Earth Shapes · The Man-Made Landscape · Cityscape

5. Shapes
L-Shapes · U-Shapes · Irregular Shapes · Various House Shapes · Various Room Shapes

6. Interiors: Elements Of Structure
Doors · Windows · Slants · Stairs · Ceilings · Beams · Corners · Columns · Room Arrangement

7. Furniture Placement
Homes · Business and Work Places · Politics · Mystical Burglar Alarm

8. Ba-Gua
L-Shapes and U-Shapes · Slants · Business and the Ba-Gua · Corners and Angles · Entrances · Colors and the Ba-Gua · Feng Shui and Stages of Life · The Three Harmonies · House-Body Relationships

9. Color
History of Color in China · Color Associations · Colors at Home · Colors at Work

Appendix 1: Yi
Three Secrets Reinforcement · Ba-Gua · Tracing the Nine Stars · The Eight-Door Wheel · Yu Nei · Yu Wai · Constantly Turning Dharma Wheel · House History · Sealing the Door · Housewarming

Appendix 2: Ch’i Cultivation
Human Ch’i · Five Elements and Ch’i · Adjusting the Five Elements · Meditation · Reincarnation

Appendix 3: Divination
Astrology · Palmistry · Lines · Fingers · Palm · Dreams · I Ching · How to Use the I Ching—Black Sect Method · Selected Cures · Backache Cure · Acquiring Marriage Ch’i · A Prenuptial Ritual · A Conception Ritual

Appendix 4: Yun Lin Temple’s Feng Shui