Intrepid Aviators

Intrepid Aviators

The American Flyers Who Sank Japan’s Greatest Battleship

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  • ISBN 9780451239914
  • 432  Pages
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The true story of the World War II Pacific naval battle that pitted the USS Intrepid’s naval aviators against Japan’s superbattleship Musashi…and made a dramatic difference in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

October 24, 1944: As World War II raged, six young American torpedo bombers were sent on a search-and-destroy mission in the Sibuyan Sea. Their target: the superbattleship Musashi, the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The pilots were tasked with preventing the immense enemy warship from inflicting damage on American supply ships. Little did these men know that they had embarked on the opening round of history’s greatest—and last—epic naval battle.
Two bomber crews launched in the first wave of attackers were shot out of the sky. Only pilot Will Fletcher survived the crash landing. Adrift at sea, Will made his way to land and escaped into the jungles of the Philippines, where he eluded capture by the Japanese with the help of Filipino guerrillas, whose ranks he joined to fight against their common enemy.
Intrepid Aviators is the thrilling true story of these brave bomber pilots, their daring duel with the Musashi, and Will Fletcher’s struggle to survive as a guerrilla soldier. The sinking of Musashi inflicted a crucial blow in the Battle of Leyte Gulf and marked the first time in history that aviators sank a Japanese battleship on the high seas.


“An incredibly well-researched story. Its scope is awesome and the writing superb.”—The Washington Times

“A thrilling, deeply moving literary memorial to the American flyboys whose immense sacrifice and courage really did change the world.”—Alex Kershaw, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Longest Winter

“A rare look at a successful but little appreciated unit in the Pacific War…Fletcher portrays the men of Torpedo 18 as recognizable individuals whom the reader comes to know, to admire—and, too often, to mourn.”—Barrett Tillman, Author of Whirlwind and Enterprise



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