• Paperback
  • ISBN 9780451219596
  • 416 Pages
  • NAL
  • Adult


In his own bestselling tradition of Eye of the Needle and The Key to Rebecca, Ken Follett once again strikes Nazi pay dirt as a gang of all-female saboteurs go behind German lines.


“The book’s celebration of uncommon courage and unlikely heroes couldn’t be better timed…a distaff Dirty Dozen.”—People


“With its vivid characters, suspense, patriotism, and examples of supreme bravery, Jackdaws is a fitting tribute to the women of World War II.”—Orlando Sentinel


“Compelling reading…great entertainment.”—The Baltimore Sun


“A very entertaining, very cinematic thriller about a ragtag, all-female band of British agents, code-named Jackdaws, sent to blow up a key telephone exchange in France on the eve of D-Day…[Jackdaws] promises to be one of Follett’s most popular novels ever.”Publishers Weekly


“Cleverly plotted…the characters are sharply drawn and fully realized [and] the pace is rapid-fire.”—Minneapolis Star-Tribune


“A sort of distaff dirty (half) dozen. They don’t come any tougher, smarter, braver, or, for that matter, deadlier than Major Felicity (call her ‘Flick’) Clairet. Quintessentially female and sexy as all get out, she kills without compunction if that’s the way the mission goes.”—Kirkus Reviews


“Carried off with the kind of galvanic skill that was the hallmark of Follett’s early books…a memorable, complex heroine.”—Publishing News


“For fans of the ’60s movie The Dirty Dozen, this could be called The Perfumed Six…It’s certainly pleasant to have the main characters be female.”—The Buffalo News


“[Follett is] dead on-target…updating that World War II workhorse in which a gang of misfits goes behind Nazi lines to do the impossible…thoroughly entertaining.”—Booklist


“Suspenseful, gripping.”—New York Post


“Deeply satisfying.”—Entertainment Weekly


“Follett delivers one of his most entertaining thrillers.”—Denver Post



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