Jim Crow's Children

Jim Crow’s Children

The Broken Promise of the Brown Decision

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In 1954 the U.S. Supreme Court sounded the death knell for school segregation with its decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. So goes the conventional wisdom. Weaving together vivid portraits of lawyers and such judges as Thurgood Marshall and Earl Warren, sketches of numerous black children throughout history whose parents joined lawsuits against Jim Crow schools, and gripping courtroom drama scenes, Irons shows how the erosion of the Brown decision—especially by the Court’s rulings over the past three decades—has led to the “resegregation” of public education in America.

Table of Contents

Preface: “Where Are the Buttonwood Kids?”
Chapter 1: “Cut Yer Thumb er Finger Off”
Chapter 2: “Forcibly Ejected from Said Coach”
Chapter 3: “We Got a Good Bunch of Nigras Here”
Chapter 4: “Give Me the Colored Doll”
Chapter 5: “We Are Tired of Tar Paper Shacks”
Chapter 6: “I Thanked God Right There and Then”
Chapter 7: “Study Hard and Accept the Status Quo”
Chapter 8: “We Only Took a Little Liberty”
Chapter 9: “We Cannot Turn the Clock Back”
Chapter 10: “War Against the Constitution”
Chapter 11: “Too Much Deliberation and Not Enough Speed”
Chapter 12: “Do Two Wrongs Make a Right?”
Chapter 13: “Two Cities – One White, the Other Black”
Chapter 14: “Too Swift and Too Soon”
Chapter 15: “Doing the White Man’s Thing”
Chapter 16: “The Court’s Ruling Remains Unfulfilled”
Conclusion: “The Goal Is Quality Education”

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